Chris Uzal

Just last week, Bush was calling the Democrats, “the Party of Cut and Run.” That wholesome goodness seems like forever ago.

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One stole $8.6M from the people he represents, the other likes to talk dirty to boys while spanking it in front of the computer. One prayed that nobo Read more [...]
Everybody's drinking it. If you find a descendant of a Cuban exile still living in Miami, that person will either have a damn good reason for staying Read more [...]
Watching the NBA playoffs means getting damaged brain tissue from enduring advertisements. Sometimes there's no tinfoil to make a proper hat so you Read more [...]
The shitstorm of American politics is thick enough to develop an overwhelming aversion to doing anything about it. Just check the dates on past artic Read more [...]
It must be nice to be a fundamentalist [$_religion]. It must be particularly nice to be a psychotic fundamentalist Islamic dude. Such people get to Read more [...]
Throw the book at him.

Dick Cheney shot Harry Whittington , 78, in a hunting “accident.” It's an accident because that's what the White House t Read more [...]

About 5 minutes after Harry Belafonte called Dubya a terrorist, the rope sucking right went after him like he was a liar and damaging the shining repu Read more [...]
We continue to see violence and suffering, caused by an enemy that is determined and brutal, unconstrained by conscience or the rules of war. < Read more [...]
Massive fires started after an explosion at a UK oil refinery in Hemel Hempstead, near London, operated by Total Oil and Texaco. The fires rage whil Read more [...]