Monthly Archives: September 2002

Please excuse the condescending tone of the next few paragraphs. While you, the esteemed reader of Cyberista, do not need to be reminded of such basic Read more [...]
Saddam is as bad as Al Qaeda. Dubya said so.

Saddam is as evil as Al Qaeda. Dubya said so.

Saddam is as destructive as Al Qaeda. Once agai Read more [...]

In anticipation of the upcoming protests at Friday’s World Bank and IMF annual meeting, the FBI’s National Infrastructure Protection Center(NIPC) Read more [...]
UPDATE, Editorial Note 10/14/02: We used this headline a full three weeks before Read more [...]
You can feel that something is very wrong with this Administration. You know that Bush and Co. twist reality so badly that what we see, hear, touch, t Read more [...]
Cyberista's audience is, in a word, global. The last thing we wanted to write about was yet another podunk Florida election gone awry.

The fact Read more [...]

Ever notice how it’s always the guys who brag about it most that aren’t getting laid?

Since 9/11, the U.S. has bragged about its libido l Read more [...]

They’re not like <i>us,</i> damn it… <p> And so murmur countless Americans under their breath, as they commemorate the first anniv Read more [...]
Let’s you, Cyberista and Che go grab our guns!

There’s a revolution afoot in Zimbabwe, some land to be rescued from the clutches of white Europe Read more [...]

According to public and private sources, the Bush Administration’s war on Iraq is well underway (as much as “underway” can describe an aerial occupati Read more [...]