Monthly Archives: September 2004

The forum is shaping up. It is almost ready for a launch. I connected the main site to the forum. When writers post in Editorials or Features, th Read more [...]
File sharing punks in California need to prepare for some pound-you-in-the-ass prison time if they share any file among more than 10 people without at Read more [...]
World headquarters for Cyberista is currently under siege by the beginning of Hurricane Jeanne. Amazingly, the power is still on.

During Hurric Read more [...]

Not a code monkey but an actual non-human, hairy-ass, banana-eating, poop-throwing monkey altered the results of a Dieold electronic voting machine. Read more [...]
This is easily the most bizarre [i]and[/i] grammatically sound crazy letter ever received by Cyberista. It is one of my favorites. It appears tha Read more [...]
Television news reporters have nothing to say. They do a pretty good job at reading the prompter but they really should spare us all when a disaster Read more [...]