Monthly Archives: February 2003

Smoking is cool. There’s nothing like having a fire two inches from your mouth. Chicks dig it and, quite frankly, the buzz is more enjoyable than al Read more [...]
John Ashcroft stumbled out of his ‘safe room’ yesterday to announce a nationwide crackdown on drug paraphernalia. 55 people were arrested and 11 Int Read more [...]
Developed in the UK by PomPom Games, Mutant Storm is a sensory masterpiece of visuals Read more [...]
Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge is a calm man that has a calming effect on people. He says comforting words like, "Terrorists seek to turn our Read more [...]
When asked if the worldwide antiwar protests last weekend would change his mind on Iraq, the President shared the depth of his wisdom:

Read more [...]

For Europeans, the current state of the dynamic global system best resembles a popular Guns n’ Roses tune.

We’re on the Night Train, ready to c Read more [...]

That’s it. ‘Old Europe’ is up to no good.

Colin Powel thinks that France and Germany want to let Saddam Hussein live to shoot his rifle in the a Read more [...]

Retrogaming is the term used to describe the old school arcade world of the ‘80s. It encompasses the giant wood machines, the rock-solid bat-handle c Read more [...]
Space flight is the most dangerous activity that humans can engage in, at least as far as high-tech is concerned. Scientists make a pact with volati Read more [...]