pyBCD Binary Clock Screen Saver
Sensing the possibility that the global market for a binary clock screensaver is vanishingly small, I present my binary clock screensaver as an open source GPL project.

I wrote pyBCD Binary Clock Screensaver 1.0 in Python using the Pygame library.  As for why I wrote it, I wrote it because I think BCD clocks are cool. If you’re reading in Arabic numerals then the terrorists have already won. :-)

To download pyBCD Screensaver, click the following link:


It contains the source code, a Microsoft Windows screen saver file (.scr) and the General Public License.

The most important file is the SCR screensaver file.  Copy this to C:\Windows.

After that, open your screensaver options. You should find “pyBCD_screensaver” is now in your list of available screensavers. Choose it and click okay.

When your computer idles, it will display the time in BCD.

“It displays,”, you say, “but how do I read this?”

Click to the next page and find out.

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2 Responses to pyBCD Binary Clock Screensaver 1.0

  • Thomas says:

    Could you post a little bit about how you turned a Python program into a Windows screensaver?

    • Chris Uzal says:

      All set. You should be able to follow my instructions. Let me know if you need anything else cleared up.

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