The media’s trying to drum this up as some kind of victory for the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

In case you’ve forgotten, that disaster occurred when a British Petroleum oil rig carried out the brilliant idea of sending their drill 1/2 mile underwater to drill a mile farther.

The mantle cracked in thousands of places, not just the video clip of a 19 inch wide hole. The Gulf of Mexico is poisoned and possibly dead.

Kurt Mix, 50, faces two counts of obstruction of justice. That’s it. Not “two counts of enabling corporate psychopaths.” Not “two counts of poisoning the food supply.” Not “two counts of genocide.”

Just obstruction of justice.

We’re not going to talk about who is to blame for the destruction of the Gulf of Mexico. We’re not going to talk about unbridled greed and power a transnational corporations poisoning or world.

We’re going to talk about a guy who hid his phone in an investigation Of Deepwater Horizon.

It’s shit like this that makes people have ZERO respect for law and a COMPLETE of total corruption.

Until everyone sees BP executives hanging from trees by their necks, there is absolutely nothing inducing them to think twice about their next fucked up idea.

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