Monthly Archives: March 2002

The Queen Mum has left and gone away. She died at the age of 101. Without a doubt, she was a class act of a family where gene pool and cessp Read more [...]
Zacharias Moussaoui was an absolute nobody before September 11th, 2001. He was a French expatriate sitting in jail on suspicious behavior reported to Read more [...]
In a landmark ruling, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court declared that it is OK to serve legal documents via e-mail to entities without a known physical addre Read more [...]
The room I entered had an ambient background of what sounded like Irish drinking songs from Floggin’ Molly. The place appeared to be a lecture Read more [...]
Does anybody know what Jim Morrison is singing about in "The end" by the doors?

It seems to start as a very straightforward song about th Read more [...]

There is no show more confusing than Gilligan’s Island. Having read Lord of the Flies and dozens of studies on Primate behavior, the sh Read more [...]
The Bush administration explicitly left open the option this week to use nuclear arms against non-nuclear states. Foreign policy has been officially r Read more [...]
The United States has a class of immigrants commonly known as H-1B visa holders. They typically work in Information Technology, education, economics, Read more [...]
Enron: the enemy of every entrepreneur and business person seeking prospects to invest in their ideas and ventures; the enemy of our nation's economy; Read more [...]
Showing either profound corruption, profound stupidity or both, Swiss voters agreed to allow their country to become a full member of the United Natio Read more [...]