Social Reality

This is the kind of day where I sacrifice a piece of my sanity for political stability. The Abilities Expo occurs every weekend in different parts of Read more [...]
Light, panel, panel, panel, panel, panel, light.

November 5, 1992... The weather sucks and I'm going under...

Fuck everybody. If I do Read more [...]

The room I entered had an ambient background of what sounded like Irish drinking songs from Floggin’ Molly. The place appeared to be a lecture Read more [...]
A string of obscenities flew out my mouth as I drove towards my usual parking spot in the back area of my apartment complex. My only parking spot woul Read more [...]
What should have been a short 15 to 20 minute trip for gas nearly turned into a horror show as my econoline van is on its last half gallon.

Afte Read more [...]