Monthly Archives: May 2001

Dubya's daughter is in trouble with the law again for an alcohol related incident.

Like most well-adjusted US College students, Jenna Bush has a Read more [...]

Dubya is feeling pretty good today because the US Congress passed his $1 trillion "tax cut."

After bouncing around Congress for months, the orig Read more [...]

A proposal to the Internet Engineering Task Force calls for the US Government to ensure the ability to send email from Mars. The task force is respon Read more [...]
Senator Jim Jeffords of Vermont switched parties yesterday. He will face no problems in the future as an independent because of two major concepts:1) Read more [...]
Monday's 6-3 decision in Bartnicki v. Vopper appears to be a victory for the media - the First Amendment allows the media to publish illegally obtaine Read more [...]
In the same day that China announced a return of the E3 reconnaissance plane from Hainan Island, China imprisoned US National Li Shaomin, a business p Read more [...]
If there is one issue that will unravel the United States in the 21st century, it will be the exact same issue that unraveled it in the 19th century—s Read more [...]
Not knowing how to use a gun is no excuse for killing someone.

At least that was the conventional wisdom until 14-year-old (13 at the time of th Read more [...]

Dubya is a man who has signed quite a few execution orders as governor of Texas.

Not a big deal, killing off poverty stricken blacks and Hispa Read more [...]

In the desolate wasteland north of the desolate wasteland called "South" Dakota, "North" Dakota police thought it was a good idea to cite a 7 year old Read more [...]