There are 24 hours in a day and I definitely think I am not making the most of them.

Sleep is squared away. 16 hours remain.

Meals. 13 hours remain.

Bathroom/bathing. 11 hours remain.

What do I want to do with 11 hours?

I want to get back into writing. The Great American novel is still a thing. It’s never been a better time to be a writer.

I want to get back to designing my geodesic dome. I figured out how to build the exterior. Now I need to get to brass tacks on the details.

I want to be a better go player. This game give me a really deep understanding of time, space and decisions. It is well worth the time I gave it.

I want to pursue personal programming projects. I don’t pursue my own programming projects much these days. That has to change. Others get the best of me. I need the best of me. The project I want to complete is a noble one.

90 minutes on each every weekday and I think I will have a novel, a dome to build, a stronger rank in go and a go club (personal program project) is six months.

Persistence does not take talent.

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