Monthly Archives: April 2003

Evil doers showed up at a protest in Iraq so US Forces shot into a crowd of unarmed civilians because evil doers will not escape US Justice. Two days Read more [...]
We hear those magic words again:

Weapons of mass destruction..

Secretary of State Colin Powell recently announced that the U.S. Read more [...]

Much—if not all—of a person’s political views are influenced by Rational Choice Theory. This model of political behavior says that political developme Read more [...]
When people taste freedom for the first time, their reaction is almost always the same.

They loot.

They did it in Indonesia. They did it i Read more [...]

We don’t like war.

After growing up on a hefty helping of Arnold, Sly, and countless video games, we might have an appreciation for high tech we Read more [...]

Since Richard Nixon visited China, the National Zoo has taken care of Panda bears. They research the behavior of the animals. They care for the anim Read more [...]
An unassuming peasant woman runs up, and tosses a hand grenade into a chopper full of wounded GI’s.

In the film Apocalypse Now, Franc Read more [...]

We can see the movie already.

Private Lynch played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, in a camouflage demi bra.

Just imagine the screenplay. Navy S Read more [...]