Monthly Archives: January 2004

Australian Prime Minister John Howard has somehow found a way to steal some of the glory of his British counterpart, Tony Blair. Cyberista has Read more [...]
On February 3rd, Japanese troops will land in a war zone for the first time since World War II. Japan’s Ground Self Defense Forces will take part in Read more [...]
Last night on SBS TV (Melbourne, Australia) we spied a lawyer giving a press conference who looked more like a novice standup comedian at his first tr Read more [...]
It's been awhile since I've written here. After getting shoved by serendipity and then smacked by bad karma, I've had to recharge and figure out what Read more [...]
For the last 10 days, Russians in the remote Siberian town of Omsk have been trying to save a container holding 10 tons of beer that fell into the all Read more [...]
Pop culture enthusiasts will be mortified to learn today's editorial headline is couched in deceit. Faithful Cyberista readers, however, will be reli Read more [...]
Fear ripped through the usually peaceful town of Pembroke, Massachusetts when an ordinary suburban home on Great Sandy Bottom Pond Road was leveled in Read more [...]