Monthly Archives: October 2001

In Zambia this week, a German tourist was sentenced to 6 years for engaging in oral sex with a 22 year old Zambian woman.

This didn’t Read more [...]

Several newspapers in Asia, including Chinese and Japanese organizations, have reported that the two leaders of Al-Queda—Mullah Omar and Osama bin Lad Read more [...]
With the signing of the new anti-terrorism bill, it's time to stop some of your secret activities before they become discovered by government secret a Read more [...]
Horrible things happen all the time. Nobody denies the evil of 9/11. Some among us will analyze policies that led to the creation of the suicidal hi Read more [...]
Most of the Internet chat lines are filled with inane junk. Cyberista often promotes cycles on such wastelands like AOL and Yahoo. A necessar Read more [...]
Afghanistan is looking a lot like Somalia with the media having been on the ground since days before the US bombing campaign began.

In S Read more [...]

For the last three years, the US ecommerce community has operated largely tax-free. The moratorium, which stems from a Supreme Court decision banning Read more [...]
The media, despite attacks on the institution itself, spins the bioterror story into something that finds a new category of information generally know Read more [...]
After one month and nearly one billion dollars, two things are very clear:

  • Nobody survived the WTC attacks.
  • Charities are self-ser Read more [...]
  • Now is the perfect time to do what should have been done years ago--abolish the United States Postal Service.

    Examine your mail. Junk a Read more [...]