Monthly Archives: December 2001

The propaganda resulting from Argentinian unrest is deplorable. The Argentine people have decided that they do not want the International Monetary Fu Read more [...]
In an effort to protect New Year's Eve revelers, New York City has equipped their security forces with radiological detectors loaned by the U.S. Custo Read more [...]
The first wave of the Justice Department’s detentions of Americans who are religiously Islamic came in the immediate aftermath of September 11. Anyone Read more [...]
Former President George Bush temporarily stepped out of his nursing home to propose that American Taliban John Walker face what he wants to call a "Un Read more [...]
The former president of Iran, Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, spoke of possible nuclear war during a weekly prayer session at a Tehran mosque on Friday. Read more [...]
Seeking charity is the most arduous and humiliating experience that people will put themselves through. Public or private, seeking charity is a game Read more [...]
It was announced today that the charges against Dmitry Sklyarov will be dropped. The Russian Programmer will be allowed to return home after being for Read more [...]
The Bush Administration is sticking their proverbial finger in the wind and making moves to drum up support for a tape that they would like to release Read more [...]
Now that American John Walker has been separated from other Taliban and al-Queda prisoners and Attorney-General John Ashcroft has proven to be honorab Read more [...]
In congressional testimony, as he is prone to do in everyday speech, Attorney General John Ashcroft made some highly inflammatory remarks in response Read more [...]