Monthly Archives: April 2005

NASA has started an open source project page for Java Pathfinder at SourceForge. This program wa Read more [...]
Marijuana lowers your IQ by 5 points. Answering email and surfing the internet will lower your IQ by 10 points. Cappellini says that posting replies Read more [...]
The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is one of the finest examples of a useful government service. They provide weather data for Read more [...]
Today, the Texas State House begins hearings on Read more [...]
Call me the devil's advocate. When the Lord said “let there be light", who got the contract to carry out the mission? Considering that Lucifer m Read more [...]
Basic economics shows that people will flow toward money. If the money does not exist or is not available, people will not bother trying. Illegal is Read more [...]