Monthly Archives: September 2003

I live in a nuclear bunker. That's not the statement of a crazy person. That's a statement of fact. Cell phone signals might as well be bounced off Read more [...]
Jokes about Uranus are only one minute younger than the official naming of the seventh planet of our solar system. It's really hard to point out any Read more [...]
A couple of punks tried to ruin the life of the Star Wars Kid, as a 15 year old Canadian named Ghyslain has come to be known to 15 million people on t Read more [...]
As a veteran of commission sales and lawless moonlighting in the computer industry, I know how to screw people over and how to look after my best inte Read more [...]
Between November 2002 and January 2003, the wheelchair lift on my mooncruiser was in the shop at least 10 times, worked on two times by some shady cha Read more [...]
Swimming, at least for me, is simple. So simple that I see no difference between my swimming and meditation. In the water, my mind and body are free Read more [...]
Trillian is the "great communicator" of Windows chat applications by using the protocols of MSN, AOSmell and Yahoo. The novelty, however, wore off wh Read more [...]
Ten percent of the US owns 50% of all securities (stocks, bonds, etc.) Twenty percent of the people control 80% of all wealth. Sixty percent of the p Read more [...]