Monthly Archives: October 2003

We've managed to keep Robert Blake's name out of this publication. The Blake Story is so boring that we'd rather watch apples turn brown. Read more [...]
“Hey, big man, need a bindle?”

A recent trip to Amsterdam proved that there’s plenty of smack to go around. At every bridge along every canal i Read more [...]

It's the end of October. The water is 78 degrees. Since the human body runs at approximately 98 degrees, I should have turned into an ice cube. Whe Read more [...]
This is the kind of day where I sacrifice a piece of my sanity for political stability. The Abilities Expo occurs every weekend in different parts of Read more [...]
When taken as part of a complete breakfast (scorpion, noodles & freeze-dried cat), Tang gives you the energy to do anything that the Read more [...]
We've mentioned that dangers of Japanese Imperial aggression before. Read more [...]
Let me make this as clear as possible...

Point your finger at me. You have three pointing right back at yourself from the same hand.

Ther Read more [...]

Apparently, I have a knack for dealing with corporations. Long story short: In a business related move, I canceled Sprint after getting 6 AT&T phones Read more [...]
So... it went as strangely as it came. For me, anyway. I'm essentially done with Cyberista. I'm also done with political writing in general. As it Read more [...]