Monthly Archives: November 2002

NASA has an unparalleled mission as far as government Read more [...]
Radio Shack, Inc. ended a decades long policy of collecting customer information at the point of sale. Such a policy, or lack thereof, is long overdu Read more [...]
The nonsense of the Chinese Communist Party began in earnest this past weekend as President Jiang Zemin(JZ) kicked off the 16th Party Congress with a Read more [...]
The Left is irrelevant.

Pundits deliberate daily about its continued existence as a viable movement.

Morally corrupt power brokers and s Read more [...]

Light, panel, panel, panel, panel, panel, light.

November 5, 1992... The weather sucks and I'm going under...

Fuck everybody. If I do Read more [...]

One of the really great outcomes of the 2000 election debacle is that the Voter News Service(VNS),a monoculture cartel consisting of ABC, CBS, NBC, C Read more [...]
The Microsoft antitrust trial has been settled yet not settled at all. Earlier today, US District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly approved the Justic Read more [...]