Copyright 2013 Christopher James Uzal. Licensed under the GPL.

Author: Chris Uzal
OGS, KGS: SunPin
Reddit: lobius_
Steam: wheel_of_fire
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Facebook: /chrisuzal
Version: 0.99 Hawking Edition


Nova OGS is just that - a new OGS ( You probably don't know it yet but these guys
have given asked the best baduk / weiqi / go server. As you read the documentation for this speech macro set,
you will see why.

This is going to kill a lot of productivity time. :-)

When you set your browser to kiosk mode (F11), you will become completely immersed in this game. Choose a
dark theme like HNG or night in everything around you will cease to exist.

With voice commands, this abstract game cannot become more abstract.

My OGS voice macro set will allow you to command, control and converse in your games.

I doubt I missed anything but, if I did, I trust you to let me know about it.

Continue reading for directions and notes.


1. You have Windows Speech Recognition.

2. You have the Windows Speech Recognition Macro Application installed.

3. You know how to use *windows* explorer.

4. You have the OGS site( loaded in your browser.

5. You have your browser set for kiosk mode (F11).

6. You have your browser set for kiosk mode (F11).

7. You have your browser set for kiosk mode (F11). This will not work correctly if your browser is not in kiosk modei.
Press F11 to get there.

8. Did I mention that your browser *must* be in kiosk mode and that you can press F11 to get there?


1. Copy KGS_baduk_go_weiqi_voice_command_set.WSRMac to C:\Users\[you]\Documents\Speech Macros
2. Right click OGS_baduk_go_weiqi_voice_command_set.WSRMac
3. Click "Sign Speech Macros..."

Now you just have to make sure that the speech macro application is in your system
tray before logging into OGS every time you want to use this macroset.

What can I say?

This macro set was designed for 19 x 19 with the default in game settings.

If you want 9 x 9, 13 x 13 or any other dimensions, feel free to request it.

While I made this macro set as big and useful as I can, there may be situations where there is
no macro for what you want to reach by voice. A perfect example is the chat box on the game screen.
Depending on the context, it can be in three different places. I can't code for that at the moment.
In this case, calling out "MouseGrid" will pretty much always get you where you want to go.

In the cases of text (like most of the tournament pages and help section), calling out "page [up/down}"
or "move [up/down/left/right] [number] times"

In this version, you will use the phonetic alphabet (a.k.a. NATO/Military/radio alphabet) for the
x-axis and the number on the y-axis to call out coordinates.

IMPORTANT! Pay attention to context before calling out a command.

Get a game started by going to "game listing" or "OGS main page."

"Start a new game" - You must say this first before the next three options. As mentioned above, pay
attention to context.

"challenge a friend"

"Create an open challenge"

"Create a demo board"

*** Commands you need to know in the game Window ***

First things first: Here's how you move around the go board...

The international alphabet letters for the X-axis of the baduk board are:
['alpha', 'bravo', 'charlie', 'delta', 'echo', 'foxtrot',
'golf', 'hotel', 'juliet', 'kilo', 'lima', 'mike', 'november',
'oscar', 'poppa', 'quebec', 'romeo', 'sierra', 'tango']

Say the English numbers for the y-axis.

Example: "kilo ten" will take you to K10.

"analyze game" – Enter analysis mode if enabled for your match.

"move [left/right] [number] times" - moves you back and forth N times.

"move [up/down]" - Move you up or down one variation. CAVEAT: while you could add a number to the end of it,
you may want to avoid doing this as you could get lost in your analysis tree.

"Move tool"

"Triangle tool"

"Square tool"

"Circle tool"

"Letter tool"

"Number tool"

"Drawing tool" - Begin freehand drawing on the game board. You will need to use your mouse to do any drawings.

"Clear drawings" - After this, say "drawing tool" to go back to drawing more.

"reset analysis"

"back to game"

"plan conditional moves"

"accept conditional moves"

"submit move" - only mouses over. You must manually click or say "left click mouse."

"pass" - only mouses over. You must manually click or say "left click mouse."

"resign" - only mouses over. You must manually click or say "left click mouse."

"cancel game" – only mouses over. You must manually click or say "left click mouse." CAVEAT: good for only the first few moves.

"pause game" - only mouses over. You must manually click or say "left click mouse."

"next game" - most players on OGS have multiple games in play.

*** Commands for icons on the left side of the game board ***

"Add to favorites"

"Toggle OGS full-screen" - Keep this icon OFF. You'll know it is off when your name and your opponent's name is above and below the
game board. If OGS full-screen is not OFF, nothing in this macro set will work correctly.

"Game information" - Rules, time, over time, etc. Say "press escape" when you're done looking at this.

"Toggle sound"

"Toggle submit button" - I strongly suggest to keep the submit button ENABLED. If you decide to disable it, clicking any coordinate
will be considered a move. There could be tears.

"Toggle move numbers" - Totally up to you if you want this on or not. It will not affect the macro set in any negative way.

"Toggle coordinates" - Coordinates must be ON for anything to you properly placed on the game board. Leave it ON.

"Estimate score"

"Select theme"

"Play from this point"

"Share game"

"Download SGF file"

***Tournaments! Find one to join or make your own...***

"tournament listings" - A listing of real time and correspondence tournaments currently open or active.

"Sitewide ladders" - A listing of 19 x 19, 13 x 13 and 9 x 9 ladders available for all OGS members.
Groups ladders can be found in whatever groups you join.

"Title tournaments" - Join or view all the major tournaments at OGS (Meijin, Honinbo, Mingren and Tianyuan.)
You can square off against robots and other humans in the Alan Turing tournament
or join the next cycle of the Kuksu League.

*** Other menu commands ***

"my games" or "game listing"

"chat channels" - The social mixing bowl of OGS. Shows your group channels as well as the global channels.

"groups" - Find the ones you like and make your own.


***The help section (This will only be a moment)...***

"learn to play"

"introduction to tournaments"

"frequently asked questions"

"change log"

"report bugs"

"give feedback"

"privacy policy"

"terms of service"

"give feedback"

"report bugs"

"about OGS"

*** Miscellaneous ***

"AGA identification" - Scroll to the bottom of this file to enter your own AGA identification number. You can modify this line for any go Federation.

You do not need to be a member of the AGA to use this macro set.

You may notice that there is no command to go to the chat line with your opponent. This is because it never stays in the same part of
the screen so I can't code for it. I suggest using the built-in WSR "mouse grid" command.

Things have changed a little since I wrote the KGS macro set in early October. Nova came along. Then it merged with OGS.
Now it looking really sharp. Real time and correspondence. Tournaments and ladders. Group level tournaments, ladders and
forums. Game analysis and conditional moves planning. Fischer time. All the good stuff. Check it out at
if you haven't gone there already.

When you live with disabilities, you learn to deal with certain things as they are. KGS was one of those things to me. I
made the macro set within a few limitations:

1. Java and Windows Speech Recognition don't like each other. WSR is limited to commands and keystrokes in a Java environment.

2. Windows Speech Recognition and Dragon NaturallySpeaking don't necessarily just like each other but the way I had to set
up the WSR macros precluded using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

That means, if a person with disabilities wants to operate hands-free on KGS, they don't get to chat with their opponent.
Using Java has real-world consequences.

With the OGS macro set, you get everything: all the commands and the ability to chat like everybody else. Nobody will have
a clue that you using this unless you're running live on twitch or you make it a part of the conversation.

If you examine this file, you will see it is far more comprehensive than my KGS set. You can run reviews completely hands-free.
You can use WSR for speech recognition as well as commands or keep Dragon NaturallySpeaking open if you find a more reliable
typing option.

I would suggest just sticking with WSR for everything while playing Go.

This was written with "virtual" coordinates so, theoretically, it should work under any resolution.
Just make sure you are in kiosk mode. Please let me know if it is off for you.

Final thoughts...

Learn the phonetic alphabet. It is your friend.

Baduk belongs to everyone. It has stood the test of time, changes of media and, with this
macro set, it can be an almost completely abstract endeavor. If you've got gray matter in
between your ears, there is a way to play baduk.

If you find somebody where the lights are on but speech is severely disabled, WSR can
learn how to listen. It will take patience and correction but if you have the power to
bring this game to somebody, you absolutely should do it. I'll help you if I can.

If you like this...

... and you are an individual...

I know how much it sucks to put up money for something only to have some assclown
bleed you out for the final piece of your puzzle. I also know how liberating it feels
to have somebody nudge you in an unexpected direction that leads to more freedom and pleasure.

Basically, I don't expect anything from individual users of my macro sets.

That said, if you're feeling generous and you want to show your gratitude...

On the most basic level, challenge me to a "hands-free" match. If you are stronger than me, you can
give me teaching games.

You could give me money at paypal. USD 15.00 would suffice. That would cover beer money. :-)

You could give me Bitcoin. That would work out nicely. Lord knows I need them.

Perhaps a more likely way of showing your gratitude would be to gift a game to me through Steam.
Any game will do.

All of these ways will inspire me to make more voice command sets for Windows Speech Recognition.

If you're a developer or a part of a big organization like a hospital, foundation or government...

do the right thing and contact me to put up essentially peanuts for making games accessible.

I make macro sets for anything in a Windows environment. I've developed tools in Python to make this
less painful than manually typing out 1700 lines like you see in this file. :-)

Games are not only thing that can be made accessible through properly written voice command sets.
Productivity software, routines specific to your company, etc., etc. can use speech recognition macros.

Once again, contact me. We'll find the right solution together.

Game on.

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