Monthly Archives: October 2004

[small][b]KT Cappellini wrote:[/b][/small] [i]Weapons of Mass Destruction…Fuck you. Osama Bin Laden…Fuck You. The Al Qaeda-Iraq connection…Fuck you. Read more [...]
The phone rang at 7:45 a.m.

"Get over to the Palm Beach Connection Center.", the voice said. "I have to tickets to see Dick Cheney."

The Read more [...]

The old license of Cyberista was, in a word, bullshit. Basically, the original was a modified version of the MSNBC license. This POS license and sta Read more [...]
[small][b]Gork Trisk wrote:[/b][/small] [i] The only entertainment from this event comes from reading the BBC version of the games.[/i] You mean Read more [...]
You typed that on your palm pilot? That's hardcore, brother. Definitely appreciate you taking time out of work and doing it through your phone t Read more [...]
Now I'm certain that I'm going to die naked in a ditch. Maybe I can get lucky and die by assassination. Either way, with these kinds of stat Read more [...]
US Attorney General for New York Eliot Spitzer might as well be taking on the Mafia for filing Read more [...]
I must have suffered major brain cramps yesterday because it took me less than 10 minutes to correct the "article images in forum" issue that nearly k Read more [...]
Definitely wasn't my finest hour of programming today. I made a royal fuck-up by incorrectly writing an SQL statement which led to 141 records in Read more [...]
Cyberista is off to a quick restart. I'm definitely pleased with how things are moving. Today, the following code adjustments occurred: --Com Read more [...]