The old license of Cyberista was, in a word, bullshit. Basically, the original was a modified version of the MSNBC license. This POS license and standard US copyright law doesn't match my view of how Cyberista's content should be shared with the readers.

Copyright is a very important issue to me. I don't think I need the rights to this stuff for my lifetime plus 70 years. I don't think it's necessary for you to contact me to reprint this stuff if you have no commercial or modification intentions. Just contact me to let me know you liked some of this work enough to use it in your class, site, presentation and, in some cases, your book.

14 years is enough for me. That was the intention of the constitutional convention before the paranoid punks at Disney decided to stretch copyright law like they needed an overdose of enzyte.

So click the Cyberista logo above and then find our new copyright notice. Learn about Creative Commons and try it for your project.

Laws are for people with no friends.

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