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I wrote this because I’m starting to appreciate longer games(30 minutes and longer) but my disabilities get kind of annoyed by it. I love baduk. That said, it should work perfectly well with faster games.

Not entirely sure about blitz. If you want me to create an macro set for blitz, let me know. It would require a leap of faith. Both you and WSR would need a 100% accuracy rate but it is doable.

Make sure you read the file prior to installing. All the information you need to know is in there.

If you need anything related to this, contact me.

To the people with other servers (nova, dragon, tygem and others), I fully intend to create sets for you guys as well. I will do it in order of demand. As I play 99.9% of my games on KGS, is seemed like a good place to start.

Download: http://chrisuzal.com/stuff/KGS_baduk_go_weiqi_voice_command_set.zip

Because the odds are that you will not download it until you know what you’re getting into, here are the contents of the readme part:

Copyright 2013 Christopher James Uzal. Licensed under the LGPL.

Author: Chris Uzal
Contact: chris.uzal@gmail.com
Site: chrisuzal.com
KGS: SunPin
Reddit: lobius_
Steam: wheel_of_fire
Facebook: /chrisuzal
Version: 0.99 Hawking Edition

2013-10-01 Update

I call this the “Hawking Edition” because in real game conditions, I noticed that I had
forgotten to put in commands for passing and resignation. Now, somebody should be able to play
in the game window absolutely hands-free.

If you have the connections to set me up for a game with Stephen Hawking, that would be cool.
We could do video feeds of each side playing the whole game with just our voices.

In “what can I say?”, users can now say pass and resign.

Also added “AGA identification” as part of the rules of the current AGA self paired tournament
on KGS. You will need to change my number to your number.

Scroll to the end of this file to see the changes and put your own AGA identification number.


1. You have Windows Speech Recognition.

2. You have the Windows Speech Recognition Macro Application installed.


3. You know how to use *windows* explorer.

4. You have the KGS CGoban3 installed.

5. You know how to start a game on KGS.


1. Copy KGS_baduk_go_weiqi_voice_command_set.WSRMac to C:\Users\[you]\Documents\Speech Macros
2. Right click KGS_baduk_go_weiqi_voice_command_set.WSRMac
3. Click “Sign Speech Macros…”

Now you just have to make sure that the speech macro application is in your system
tray before logging into KGS every time you want to use this macroset.

What can I say?

In this version, you will use the phonetic alphabet (a.k.a. NATO/Military/radio alphabet) for the
x-axis and the number on the y-axis to call out coordinates.

IMPORTANT! When the cursor lands on your desired coordinate pair, you must confirm it by saying “click mouse” or “left click mouse.”

That’s all there is to it.

The international alphabet letters for the baduk board are: ['alpha', 'bravo', 'charlie', 'delta', 'echo', 'foxtrot',
'golf', 'hotel', 'juliet', 'kilo', 'lima', 'mike', 'november',
'oscar', 'poppa', 'quebec', 'romeo', 'sierra', 'tango']

Updated: users can now say “pass”, “resign” and “AGA identification”.

Scroll to the bottom of this file to enter your own AGA identification number.

You do not need to be a member of the AGA to use this macro set.


This is the Windows Speech Recognition voice command macro set for the KGS client software.
I made it for three reasons:

1. I have a severe fine motor disability. I don’t use keyboards.
2. I am a good programmer (this was far from the difficult.)
3. I love Baduk. This is just as much of an immersion project for me
as it is an accessibility project.
4. I prefer longer games for deeper reading. My wrists do not like longer games.
This is probably true for people without any disabilities.

As I wrote this in code, I should be able add any UTF-8 characters for each axis for your language. In the same form that you
see the alphabet above, send me your characters and I will generate a custom set for you.

Keep in mind that your language must be compatible with WSR.

This was written with “virtual” coordinates so, theoretically, it should work under any resolution.
Please let me know if it is off for you.

Final thoughts…

Learn the phonetic alphabet. It is your friend.

You need headphones to play any game with speech recognition software.

I got this working without the headphones but the volume had to be very, very low.

I recommend open circumaural headphones so you can hear outside environmental noise (like
people knocking on your door or entering your house) but nobody else hears your audio,
especially your microphone.

Baduk belongs to everyone. It has stood the test of time, changes of media and, with this
macro set, it can be an almost completely abstract endeavor. If you’ve got gray matter in
between your ears, there is a way to play baduk.

If you find somebody where the lights are on but speech is severely disabled, WSR can
learn how to listen. It will take patience and correction but if you have the power to
bring this game to somebody, you absolutely should do it. I’ll help you if I can.

If you like this…

… and you are an individual…

I know how much it sucks to put up money for something only to have some assclown
bleed you out for the final piece of your puzzle. I also know how liberating it feels
to have somebody nudge you in an unexpected direction that leads to more freedom and pleasure.

Basically, I don’t expect anything from individual users of my macro sets.

That said, if you’re feeling generous and you want to show your gratitude…

You could give me money at paypal. USD 15.00 would suffice. That would cover beer money. :-)

You could give me Bitcoin. That would work out nicely.

Perhaps a more likely way of showing your gratitude would be to gift a game to me through Steam.
Any game will do.

Both ways will inspire me to make more voice command sets for Windows Speech Recognition.

If you’re the developer or a part of a big organization like a hospital, foundation or government…

do the right thing and contact me to put up essentially peanuts for making games accessible.

Games are not only thing that can be made accessible through properly written voice command sets.
Productivity software, routines specific to your company, etc., etc. can use speech recognition macros.

Once again, contact me. We’ll find the right solution together.

Game on.

2 Responses to KGS CGoban3 Windows 7 Speech Recognition Voice Command Set

  • Ben says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I thought this is an awesome concept! Unfortunately, I’m primarily a Mac user, but thought I’d give you props for coding this!

  • Chris Uzal says:

    Thank you, Ben. Just so you know, there are Macintosh speech recognition programs and they do have macro languages.

    I think I saw it last month while working with somebody asking about the details of my XCOM set.

    Looking forward to facing you in the AGA Self Paired Tournament on KGS.

    When should we schedule a match?

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