Monthly Archives: May 2002

It cannot be stressed enough that the U.S. government had no earthly idea about what was going to go down on the morning of September 11th, 2001. It c Read more [...]
After 43 years of ineffective nonsense, it is time to end the U.S. embargo of Cuba and focus on more productive issues like counter-terrorism or, at t Read more [...]
Japanese toy maker Takara unveiled a gadget on Thursday called Bowlingual. The unit, which fits to a dog collar, claims to translate a dog's barks int Read more [...]
The United States formally renounced the International Criminal Court and notified the United Nations that it will not cooperate in any actions of the Read more [...]
We believe that we speak for all of humanity when we say that nobody--on any continent, on any planet, in any galaxy or any universe--gives a damn abo Read more [...]