Monthly Archives: November 2004

Four employees from a British mercenary organization were killed in Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone. Two US Marines were killed in Falluja Read more [...]
What's good for pharmaceutical companies is good for you. Drugs benefit everyone. They lower your cholesterol, cure your arthritis, fix your he Read more [...]
[small][b]KT Cappellini wrote that Putin said...:[/b][/small] [i]I am sure that ... they will be put in service within the next few years and, what i Read more [...]
Given the fact that the overwhelming majority of Cyberista's content will come in the form of "talking points" style journal entries, I felt that Read more [...]
You knew that, right?

In a study by Journal of Epidemiology and Community Read more [...]

A man set himself on fire in front of the White House today. He apparently survived according to various reports. Now there will be no mistake t Read more [...]
Not long ago, Bill Gates boasted that Linux threatened commercial Unix systems, like Solaris from Sun Microsystems, more Read more [...]
Finally got around to building a better FAQ. The standard FAQ simply does not apply to Cyberista. I based the new page on the Resources code. The Read more [...]
Perhaps if you used both brain cells, you could have held your thought for more than 100 words. [small][b]Anonymous Retard wrote:[/b][/small Read more [...]
Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat is fighting to die. The Palestinian leadership won't let go until the burial in Jerusalem is granted by Israel. Read more [...]