Monthly Archives: April 2002

The Vatican has decided not to blame themselves or their backwards and unnecessary policies regarding sex and virtue. The Vatican has decided to lay Read more [...]
The U.S. House of Representatives took the first steps on a journey toward creating a major national security hole from a minor national security prob Read more [...]
Without doubt, there are certain sociopolitical-economic disparities in the global dynamic system that must be addressed. However, what began a few ye Read more [...]
The more progressive elements of contemporary mainstream America increasingly opt for the use of ‘symbolic action’ over more confrontational methods o Read more [...]
Bush called Secretary of State Powell's 10-day trip to the Middle East a success because he doesn't know how to spell failure.

In Read more [...]

It is time for the unconditional end of the HBO Real Sex documentary series. After being subjected to the inane content of Real Sex 29: Let Read more [...]
Fox News has decided to start referring to Palestinian suicide bombers as "Homicide" bombers simply because Israeli officials have been using the term Read more [...]
After suffering one misfire after another, the Dubya Administration has realized that unless something afflicts/offends the average USAmerican, the co Read more [...]
Daylight Saving Time has arrived and most of the contributors at Cyberista accomplished nothing because of it. Without a doubt, Daylight Saving Time i Read more [...]
When we think about elite academic institutions, we come up with images of people that have been blessed with the ability to dedicate a part of their Read more [...]