Monthly Archives: January 2003

The annual State of the Union address to Congress was a turgid regurgitation of the garbage that flows out Washington D.C. every day. Bush recited al Read more [...]
As soon as the clock went to zero, drunk idiots in red and gold were out in force to celebrate “their” victory in the NFC Championships. For internat Read more [...]
Sometime during the night on January 17th, Cyberista went down completely. Our server was a big, empty, echoing warehouse. Fortunately, we had our d Read more [...]
Of course Democrats have to oppose the Bush tax cut.

And not just on principle. They also have to work their own angle, which is to rally their Read more [...]

To call Ricochet Xtreme a “ball and paddle” game is a tremendous injustice to the work of art that this title truly is. Ricochet Xtreme Read more [...]
When a player and a video game make a connection, there’s an unwritten contract stating that everything in the game is fake, the game is a temporary f Read more [...]
Within the European Union, copyright protection lasts 50 years. That means that the golden age of jazz, as defined by Monk and Davis, along with the Read more [...]