Monthly Archives: July 2002

Hollywood wants to end piracy. To do this, they will hack into your computer. To legally hack into your computer, they want Congress to exempt them fr Read more [...]
W is always one to give an interesting sound bite ...
"I've got great confidence in the vice-president. He's doing a heck of a good job Read more [...]
John Walker Lindh pleaded guilty to two of three major ch Read more [...]
Without a doubt, the United States is a violent society. One needs to look no further than the television to figure that out. Violence sells on TV, Read more [...]
According to the Israeli government, Thursday's attack at LAX on the El Al Airlines ticket counter that left two people dead was, in fact, a terrorist Read more [...]
It's a very simple problem that can snowball into a very big problem. Popup advertisements. The more popup advertising that shows up on your desktop Read more [...]
As we approach the midnight hour, there is one thing that can be said about the Fourth of July: It is not Independence Day.

Not a single TV pr Read more [...]