It’s a very simple problem that can snowball into a very big problem. Popup advertisements. The more popup advertising that shows up on your desktop, the more resources that you lose. The more resources that you lose, the slower your computer will perform. The slower that your computer performs, the more likely that your computer will crash. If your computer crashes, you are guaranteed to become frustrated.

The problem with surfing the Internet is not necessarily the advertisements themselves. The problem arises because advertisers cannot put their message in front of you without stealing the resources that you paid for.

They are aware of the problem but they also know that, while you are not necessarily a stupid person, you have no idea how to manage your PC against corporate and hacker attacks. Since you don’t have this basic knowledge at your disposal, you start to draw conclusions that your PC is old and cannot handle normal Internet activity or that the Internet sucks a West African elephant through the asshole of a cockroach (incidentally, that’s not too far from the truth.)

If your conclusions lead you to buying a new computer, you might have unnecessarily helped the economy but your problems will return with a vengeance in a matter of days. That’s because your computer is not the source of your grievances. In fact, your computer should be given a medal for putting up with nearly constant corporate rape and continuing to operate despite your neglect.

As far as PC management goes, blocking pop up advertising is the absolute easiest and trouble-free protection to set up. This simplicity exceeds even the anti-spyware program called Ad Aware.

There are dozens of pop-up advertising blockers available for download. They are not all equal. Some are made by companies with a vested interest and keeping advertisers happy. Many of the programs are cumbersome because they require you to identify the pop-up site. Nobody has time for that nonsense.

In my opinion, the best popup blocking software is called Pop-up Ad Filter. Any site that tries to open a window without your permission is immediately halted. The obvious side benefit is that if a window cannot open, the advertiser cannot put a cookie or spyware on your computer. The only catch is that the program is incompatible with Netscape or Opera. But, really, who the hell uses those programs?

You can download it by clicking the link provided or visiting the developer’s site at on the Web. The program is only 700 kilobytes so the entire process should take less than five minutes even on a 56K slowdem.

The problem eats away at your time and your computer. The solution is very simple. You’ll be very happy to see the Internet quiet down. Take the next five minutes to solve the situation.

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