As we approach the midnight hour, there is one thing that can be said about the Fourth of July: It is not Independence Day.

Not a single TV program or a single article in the newspapers, either online or in print, referred to today as “Independence” Day. Today it was simply referred to the Fourth of July. Tomorrow will be the Fifth of July but will we celebrate it?

Bush delivered remarks to people on the Third of July just like he did today and just like he will do tomorrow.

Words and their meaning–or lack thereof–are very important. When we see brain-dead comments coming from White House spokesman Ari Fleischer in the form of, “Tomorrow, July 4th, is the first July 4th celebration since the September 11th attack on our country.” we really have to wonder how low the government’s perception of the intelligence of the American public really is.

Such statements are as exasperating as they are obvious.

Perhaps the word “Independence” is too long for the 24/7 Media. Perhaps there are people that will benefit tremendously from U.S. citizens forgetting that they may have actually had Independence in the past. Perhaps both.

The United States of America was not founded for freedom, God or any other noble fairy tale. This land broke from the British Empire because as the wealthiest landowners did not want to pay their creditors in Great Britain.

America is about money. All other ideals are dependent on precisely how much money you have.

To the 80%, happy Fourth of July. To the 20%, happy Independence Day.

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