Monthly Archives: June 2001

Being liberal does not mean liking a certain crowd of intellectuals or working for the media.

It means sticking to principles of freedom and ci Read more [...]

Attempt to log into the infamous Napster music site and you will be required to download new software.

The new version of Napster has no techno Read more [...]

In anticipation of the outcome of this week’s Federal Reserve Board meeting, the media reads like a excerpt from George Orwell’s 1984(more so t Read more [...]
In the grand tradition of Mark Twain, the above headline mocks the stereotype Canadian accent. The accent isn't limited to Canadians, however. The e Read more [...]
There are times when privacy is truly jeopardized. Intel and Microsoft give us wonderful examples of this whenever they release new products. The FB Read more [...]
In the computer world, there is a raging debate commonly referred to as "Microsoft vs. Open Source."

It is a debate that will define how program Read more [...]

How did you feel after McVeigh was executed?

Assuming you paid attention to anything about the last six years of America's most recognizable ter Read more [...]

On Monday, Timothy McVeigh will die for his 1995 terrorist act against 168 people inside the Alfred Murrah FBI building in Oklahoma City.

McVeig Read more [...]