Patient Chart UZAL, CHRISTOPHER Patient ID: 0000 DOB: 09/24/1975 Age: 39 years Gender: M Progress Notes .D: 10/11/14 : 04:55pm .T: Followup Neurology Specialists of Jupiter 601 University Boulevard Suite 102 Jupiter, FL 33458 Phone: (561) 627-3381 Fax: (561 627-3384 I have discussed with the patient in the past that he is unlikely to have a disorder that has a therapeutic intervention. The patient still strongly desires to pursue further testing in hopes of putting a label on his Read more [...]
There are 24 hours in a day and I definitely think I am not making the most of them. Sleep is squared away. 16 hours remain. Meals. 13 hours remain. Bathroom/bathing. 11 hours remain. What do I want to do with 11 hours? I want to get back into writing. The Great American novel is still a thing. It's never been a better time to be a writer. I want to get back to designing my geodesic dome. I figured out how to build the exterior. Now I need to get to brass tacks on the details. I Read more [...]
Download: Copyright 2013 Christopher James Uzal. Licensed under the GPL. Author: Chris Uzal Contact: Site: OGS, KGS: SunPin Reddit: lobius_ Steam: wheel_of_fire Google +: Facebook: /chrisuzal Version: 0.99 Hawking Edition ================ About ================ Nova OGS is just that - a new OGS ( Read more [...]
UPDATE: scroll down to read the updates section. I wrote this because I'm starting to appreciate longer games(30 minutes and longer) but my disabilities get kind of annoyed by it. I love baduk. That said, it should work perfectly well with faster games. Not entirely sure about blitz. If you want me to create an macro set for blitz, let me know. It would require a leap of faith. Both you and WSR would need a 100% accuracy rate but it is doable. Make sure you read the file prior to installing. Read more [...]
Download: Civilization… The mother of all strategy games. With this command set, you can sit back, relax and not mess around with the keyboard. You will still need to use the mouse. But having the extra hand for coffee is pretty good. :-) Read the file so you fully understand what you have to say and when you should say it. Seriously. This is so important that the readme part is below: Contact me if you need further assistance or you have a new idea for this. © 2012 Christopher James Read more [...] This is a voice command set for the turn based tactical squad strategy game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown by Firaxis. Read the file. It's only one file. Notepad will load this file. I took the time to document the voice command set. Please spend some time reading it for you can use it. Contact me with questions after you've checked it out. I'll be happy to help if I can. Because the odds are that you will not download it until Read more [...]
Is there a zombie apocalypse? That’s what I’m thinking about right now because my router died and I have no way of accessing the Internet. It’s been dead since 9:30 AM. I write these words as the clock approaches 1:00 PM. My phone rings. I cannot answer. It’s out of reach. My cell phone is dead. So much for calling out for help. Nothing will get done today. I’m thankful that I’m still sitting upright in my wheelchair and not approaching death while struggling against yet another pretzel Read more [...]
Sensing the possibility that the global market for a binary clock screensaver is vanishingly small, I present my binary clock screensaver as an open source GPL project. I wrote pyBCD Binary Clock Screensaver 1.0 in Python using the Pygame library.  As for why I wrote it, I wrote it because I think BCD clocks are cool. If you're reading in Arabic numerals then the terrorists have already won. :-) To download pyBCD Screensaver, click the following link: Installation:  It Read more [...] Continue reading
The media's trying to drum this up as some kind of victory for the Deepwater Horizon disaster. In case you've forgotten, that disaster occurred when a British Petroleum oil rig carried out the brilliant idea of sending their drill 1/2 mile underwater to drill a mile farther. The mantle cracked in thousands of places, not just the video clip of a 19 inch wide hole. The Gulf of Mexico is poisoned and possibly dead. Kurt Mix, 50, faces two counts of obstruction of justice. That's it. Not "two Read more [...]
Things aren't always what they seem or made out to be. Like all these delusional players in this industry. Talking about what they know when they don't know a damn thing. How can you be authoritative and not risk your own name? Get your trading right, gents. First class is in session. Get a certified accountant in the finance profession. File for LLC, trademark the name. That'll cost about a grand so start saving your change. Set your trading account with at least 25 grand. With Read more [...]