Baduk – Go – Weiqi

I have hundreds of baduk games. The good, the bad and the ugly can be seen at Here, I post the games that I believe are notable because it was close, I defeated much stronger opponent, lost a close match against a much stronger opponent, earned a rank or I encountered an entirely new way of playing the game.

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UPDATE: scroll down to read the updates section. I wrote this because I'm starting to appreciate longer games(30 minutes and longer) but my disabilities get kind of annoyed by it. I love baduk. That said, it should work perfectly well with faster games. Not entirely sure about blitz. If you want me to create an macro set for blitz, let me know. It would require a leap of faith. Both you and WSR would need a 100% accuracy rate but it is doable. Make sure you read the file prior to installing. Read more [...]