Monthly Archives: November 2001

A company called Advanced Cell Technology announced the use of cloned embryos to harvest stem cells for research. For whatever reason, people have a Read more [...]
There's only one word to say to the 94 year-old Connecticut woman that recently died of an anthrax infection and that word is "Congratulations."

Read more [...]

Hating the U.N. is very simple. They manufacture tons of insignificant nonsense reports generated by a dissonant hive mind of committees and ad hoc gr Read more [...]
It is time for everyone-- especially the media--to cease with the violent language.

During the past few days, there's been a Read more [...]

Comdex is the pilgrimage to Mecca for the computer industry. Held every year in Las Vegas, Comdex is the peek into the future of computing. It is a co Read more [...]
Last year, Sony debuted a robotic dog--Aibo. This was no ordinary pet. Aibo used state of the art artificial intelligence to learn about its owner, it Read more [...]
9/11 has been a windfall for social conservatives. With a timid, frightened, and confused American public, Ashcroft has made significant policy change Read more [...]
Germs by Judith Miller et al is a fascinating piece of nonfiction that explores the history of biological weapons development in the United States and Read more [...]
For the first time in history, laws against sedition and conspiracy are finding a legitimate use. Without a doubt, there are those inside this country Read more [...]
Free-speech scored a victory today with a U.S. judge declaring French laws to be unenforceable on U.S. soil.

The problems began in the Read more [...]