W is always one to give an interesting sound bite …

“I’ve got great confidence in the vice-president. He’s doing a heck of a good job. When I picked him, I knew he was a fine business leader and a fine, experienced man,” Mr Bush said.

The president should not be so silly. Cheney picked himself. Mr. Bush is unable to pick his nose without intensive coaching and direction. In case everyone forgot, Dick Cheney was originally brought to the Bush campaign for the sole purpose of selecting a vice president.

In a nation with more than enough qualified white guys with money, Cheney decided that he was the best man to be vice-president of the United States and recommended himself as the ideal running mate. He then proceeded to select himself and give himself a personal sales pitch to join the Bush team in 2000. When he asked himself the big question, Cheney gave himself total commitment to accept Cheney’s recommendation to run as vice-president on the Bush ticket.

Cheney and Cheney apparently get along with each other very well. This is critical because Cheney will need all the help that he can get to avoid being revealed as a contemporary and stunningly inept version of Spiro Agnew.

Somehow, Cheney did not know what was going on at Halliburton while he was CEO. Cheney can, does and will be accused of a lot of things but being out of the loop definitely isn’t one of them. Cheney sends out vibes that scream “Control freak” with the same level of subtlety as a hundred billion kilowatt light bulb.

As a representative of Energy, one of his first actions was to invite the entire energy cartel to Washington for secret meetings on how the U.S. government can serve them better. Bush, by himself, certainly did not decide to end the U.S. policy against assassinations started by Gerald Ford. Iraq is a Cheney pet project. Systematically removing freedom from the country is far too sophisticated for our president but not the real power behind the throne–Dick Cheney.

It is simply obnoxious for Cheney to have bailed with $18 million in his pocket and think that people would believe he left for the nobility of being vice president rather than the reality of a company on the highway to hell.

The administration is full of criminals. Actual criminals, not that Clinton kind that are guilty of getting a blow job. The justice system does not have enough time to remove them and, quite frankly, it doesn’t matter. In 2004, the country can throw the bastards out of office.

Registered to vote now. Register to vote like you won’t be allowed to vote ever again. As freedom withers away and state power concentrates, not being able to vote again is a very real possibility. When the president can declare anyone as an enemy, the president can declare you as an enemy.

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