John Walker Lindh pleaded guilty to two of three major charges brought against him by the U.S. government: supplying services to the Taliban and carrying explosives. The government dropped the remaining 8 charges. The result is that Lindh will receive 20 years.

The plea agreement, however, like all the charges brought against him, like the U.S. Code it follows, is a load of garbage.

Lindh was a member of the Taliban long before September 11th. The objective of the Taliban has nothing to do with al Qaeda. The Taliban demand strict adherence to Islam. Osama wears a Casio watch and uses Sony home-video products. They pay for their power by manufacturing heroin and renting space to terrorist groups.

The fact that Lindh chose to fight for another army is absolutely meaningless. Israeli Americans ship out all year long to serve the Jewish state as armed conscripts. While serving in a foreign army, they carry arms and they carry explosive devices. Sometimes they even kill people.

As a matter of policy, the United States does not throw her Jewish citizens into jail for such action.

Only, apparently, her Moslem citizens.

The charge that Lindh conspired to kill Americans is implicitly shown to be worthless by the existence of this plea agreement. The government never had a chance, under presumably fair circumstances, to convict Lindh on any of the 10 charges against him.

In the final analysis, Lindh likely has to go to prison for his own safety. The government destroyed him through a willing media. The prospect of a normal life after being “Proven innocent” would never happen. Lindh did what was right for him. Perhaps he wants to salvage his life after prison. Perhaps he saw the fight against the government as a roughly equal to fighting the sky.

He received 20 years for the trivial crimes he admitted to committing. The law may be the law but the U.S. Code is full of all kinds of ridiculous nonsense that reveals the true nature of American citizenship:

There are no rights. Any perceived freedom that you think that you have exists solely from the benevolence of the state, your inability to think beyond your flesh or a lack of resources to disperse ideas.

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