Now I'm certain that I'm going to die naked in a ditch. Maybe I can get lucky and die by assassination. Either way, with these kinds of statistics, the American people will eventually start targeting their own citizens. How many more beheadings are necessary before Americans start building their “Enemy Cranium” collection? I lived with a child of Nazi Germany. This person spoke candidly about being a beneficiary of the Third Reich. Jobs and security were more important than the fate of other Germans. America isn't above internment camps (see Guantanamo for the most recent example.)

Neoconservatives are nasty, nasty people if they perceive you as a threat. A “threat” can range from making the wrong joke to being near a pro-choice demonstration. These people aren't Republicans with a big “R” or a little “r”. Neoconservatives can easily rationalizing greed, avarice and destroying lives in foreign lands. Anything outside their tunnel vision is something to be eliminated. Seriously. _Eliminated_ is the only word to describe it. They can adapt to moderately humane ideas if necessary. The clearest example is that now it's ok to consider the civil rights of gay people because Cheney's daughter is a lesbian. It was completely unacceptable before that fact was revealed.

And what's with the complete phobia on every topic imaginable? I find the neoconservative vision of the world as offensive as the [$andom] fundamentalist vision of the world

When they get this terrorism stuff straightened out, that's when the neoconservatives will mysteriously be in favor of euthanasia for the disabled because, hey, the disabled cost society 750 million marks per year. This is a much more humane way of tackling the problem.

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