Cyberista is off to a quick restart. I'm definitely pleased with how things are moving. Today, the following code adjustments occurred:

–Completed major masthead changes. The contributors list was removed. Most of those people haven't helped in a long, long time. I love them all but I'm not their PR machine so they'll have to find another way to get a high ranking on Google. There's always the archive. That will never go away. I'm just done with the front page clutter. In place of contributors, there is now a “Senior Editors” list which is populated by members of the forum with Moderator privileges.

–Tried and failed to rename the forum directory from /volume2 to /community. At first it was a directory permission problem. When I straightened that out and adjusted the code, the site wasn't functioning properly. None of the CSS code would execute. I examined it for about an hour and then took a dose of fuckitol. Changing the name of the directory is not important. It became “volume2″ because I had a slightly different vision of how Cyberista would relaunch back in September. I can imagine that Sean McIntyre will be happy that the change didn't happen because he thinks the name has a “Tarantino ring” to it. [/me swings Samurai sword]

I still need to add image fields to the entry page for the editors. After that, coding is pretty much complete. Being able to bridge my code with the forum code was very, very good karma. It's going to be dynamic.

I want to make a good biography section. That means getting photographs which means a bunch of nonsense from the people I need to deal with around here. It will get done. I just need it done right.

Laws are for people with no friends.

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