Early voting begins across the country today and–surprise, surprise–the computers are failing, votes are being lost and exit polls are putting a decidedly undemocratic spin on the outcome of this debacle. The Sun Sectional is reporting a 64% (9 of 14 machines) failure rate at early voting sites in Broward. Apparently, there wasn't enough fraud already in this election. The San Francisco Gate is tracking voting problems nationwide. We get the government we deserve. All of you are a bunch of asshats for standing idly by while the brown shirts go three for three in election thefts.

America has _plenty_ of talented programmers that can write a bulletproof voting program. We have the hardware to prevent shenanigans. Instead, we hire Diebold–a company that has been disenfranchising voters under various corporate names for over 10 years. They don't show the code to the public. Voting software should be public record for anyone to examine the code and call out security flaws. Voting software should not be proprietary–EVER. There is no “other side” here. Both parties conspired with Diebold to destroy what remains of legitimacy and authority for the United States.

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