So… it went as strangely as it came. For me, anyway. I’m essentially done with Cyberista. I’m also done with political writing in general. As it stands, Cappellini is the new Godfather here but there’s a chance he won’t take the position. I don’t know. It’s a hell of a magazine but it’s not something I can work on anymore.

There are two things that are growing quickly and demand my attention. The first is Treyonics, an arcade hardware outfit where I’m running marketing. The holidays are coming fast and I want to sell a few dozen between now and then. The second is Intermedia Development where I’m the head cripple in charge and renting phones.

Both projects look good. Beyond that, I’m at peace with plenty of sunshine and good karma in my life. By all accounts, Buddhism has altered me in some very profound ways. Blame meditation and nonattachment for my lack of desire to keep producing Cyberista. It’s an excellent recipe for making money but a poor recipe for running a confrontational publication.

I’m glad Arnold is governor–of a state I don’t live in. If Turkish soldiers are “peace” keepers then “if” is a fifth and we’re all drunk. The term “CIA operative” should not be confused with “fat, cheese-tasting, Esperanto-speaking, Davos-breeding diplomat.”

So… the fire is still there, I just don’t have the time or luxury to stoke it anymore.

I’d honestly rather play Mutant Storm on a Devastator II and sell a crapflood of D2s because I had 30 people watching me enjoy the game on my product. I’d honestly rather swim to exhaustion under the Lake Worth Beach sun and take a long nap afterwards. I’d honestly rather just bullshit about politics over a few drinks with friends. I’d rather do all of this than continue to wax prophetic in writing anymore.

Because I have several clients from my programming business using this server, Cyberista isn’t going to disappear. It’s too well-designed and too professional to be without a chief for long. My vote goes with Cappellini but I have spoken to his girlfriend more than him this summer so I honestly don’t know what the fuck is going on.

What I do know is that my role in Cyberista will change to essentially “Code Editor.” Codito ergo sum. Maybe you’ll miss me and, if you do, always remember that three out of four people make up 75% of the population. In moments of confusion, let that always be your guide.

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