Let me make this as clear as possible…

Point your finger at me. You have three pointing right back at yourself from the same hand.

There’s absolutely no justification for someone sitting in a plush office with their perfect little world to start bitching about something that they *think* is happening 1600 miles away. Seriously, if you fall into this category, what kind of drugs are you smoking?

Perfect clarity on my part is just not possible today so the rest of this entry will be in vague terms.

Let’s begin…

Life has been good to you for whatever obnoxiously unknown reason. Maybe you racked up some good karma in past lives. You managed to coast by in this one picking up some good karma here and there just to be on the safe side. Now you’re set. What do you do?

You shut the fuck up and mind your own business is what you do.

It’s nice to think that we have one life to live. If we’re good, we might get eternal bliss. If we’re bad, we get eternal hell. Exactly how immature and childishly brutal is that line of thinking? If you are a jackass for 70 years or so, do you really deserve eternal hell? If you are on a good streak for 70 years or so, does that justify eternal bliss.

My position on both questions is “NO.” Nothing lasts forever. You can burn away your good karma and watch life go to shit as easily as your bad karma can exhaust itself and let the light back into your life.

Humans are not in a position to know why things happen to people in certain ways. The closest we come to understanding the nature of life is when we learn
the basic physics law of conservation: matter and energy are neither created nor destroyed, only transformed.

In the Buddhist cosmology, that means you have no idea why your life is what it is. Good or bad, you just don’t f’n know and you are kidding yourself, at best, if you think you have the answer to how it all works out. You might be benefiting or getting screwed over from the right actions taken in this life but your happiness or pain is probably a broader effect of your karma mortgage.

Buddhist views on karma and the inherent inequality of otherwise equal people is not an answer on how it all works out. It’s just a more coherent hypothesis than the explanations offered by the dogmatic “major” religions.

Anyway… DO NOT call me on a Saturday morning to wake me up and tell me how to live my life. For the reader that thinks this is about my parental units, you are wrong. Beyond the fact that my rents are cool, they just wouldn’t dare pull a stunt like that. Probably because they have a clue about reality. Probably because they know everything is going to work out. Probably because they think that while the Buddhist stuff is a little foreign to them, whatever it is that I’m doing I should keep doing.

Of course, you just wouldn’t know that sitting 1600 miles away letting your mind rip itself apart with nightmares of my impending demise. Do everyone a favor and make sure you don’t have your own impending demise just around the corner.

Ladies and gentlemen, my phone numbers are on this site and can be accessed from anywhere on the planet. With the right kind of an connection (voIP), you can call me from anywhere on the planet. But if you call me, call looking for a pleasant conversation because nobody is in a position to call anybody to be a punk ass idiot.

Karma accounts are not available in any medium. Pleading ignorance will not excuse you from bad karma. As such, you cannot hope to even hack into your karma account. The best you can do is to live a life that generates good karma. With that, I ask everyone to please be respectful of everybody else because nobody really knows what the fuck is going on about anything. Chill and be happy.

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