Marijuana lowers your IQ by 5 points. Answering email and surfing the internet will lower your IQ by 10 points. Cappellini says that posting replies to blogs or forum posts lowers your IQ by an astounding 48 points. Others say that AOL chat rooms eliminate any chance of having the intellectual infrastructure required to spell “IQ.”

The first two statements were confirmed by research conducted by Glenn Wilson, a psychiatrist from King's College, London University, who carried out 80 clinical trials for TNS research, Wilson, also known as “The Volleyball”, reckons that trying to handle email, phones, text messages and internet prevents people from focusing. As we all know, everyone with focusing problems is a stupid beast.

Oxford physics chairman, Stephen Hawking, once said, “People that talk about their IQ are losers.” Let's add two additional categories to the concept:

  1. People that believe IQ means anything to society are losers.
  2. Psychiatrists from King's College, London University are losers.

Intelligence cannot be measured quantitatively. Is the person who asks, “is King's College referring to the nonexistent King of England, the child molesting King of Pop or boxing promoter Don King?”, a less intelligent person than the one who asks “is email lowering the mean IQ of British work drones?”

The first question has only one answer* and can therefore be considered a thoughtful, intellectual query. The second question has only one answer as well but the person that poses such a question is not allowed to write “no” 700,000 times on a 12 point, single spaced academic study and hope to get published.

This study comes on the heels of another one claiming that computers make kids stupid and Mr. Corruption 2005, Tom DeLay's comments about being “outraged” about the fact that justices use the internet to research legal matters. Talking heads like Bill O'Reilly can't get through a week without blasting the internet. In addition to the “moral outrage” tactics to subjugate red state voters, now the internet and the computer is the equivalent of marijuana.

Guns don't kill, people kill. Right? Given the depth of creativity that humans will find in an effort to make _anything_ an obsessive compulsive disorder, why is it a surprise that people will go OCD over their email and chat rooms? It's really not worth discussing. It's simply people being idiots. These reports, however, want you to arrive at the medieval conclusion of “evil.”

When people can find independent ways of confirming or denying what some megalomaniac tells them, those people are less controllable through routine propaganda. The truth can defend itself. Lies need constant attention and refinement.

Look for the lies to go into overdrive against computers and technology while effectively using computers and technology to deliver the message.

* – King's College was named in honor of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. He looks weird because he's descended from the Royal Blood of the Hapsburgs. Look it up.

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