Basic economics shows that people will flow toward money. If the money does not exist or is not available, people will not bother trying. Illegal is illegal and when President Bush calls the Minuteman Project “vigilantism”, he's really trying to avoid acknowledging that he has failed to uphold and enforce the law.

In a similar dynamic to economics, political activity does not occur unless something illegal or unjust is happening. Who cares if the Minutemen have decided to step into role of citizen border patrol? They've said time after time that they aren't going to hurt any suspected illegal immigrants. Their whole project has been very public and open. If you want to work with them, you have to go through orientation and agree not to fuck up the project by being an assclown.

Under those circumstances, it really doesn't matter if the Minutemen are to the right of the Nazi Party. The Border Patrol is corrupt. Illegal immigration is illegal. Employers of illegal immigrants should do jail time. Bush should be impeached for not offering conditional support (i.e. no vigilantism or lynch mobs) for the Minutemen.

President Bush, his administration and his donors are all complicitous in propping up the black market for illegal immigration employment. Beyond Bush, all the counterdemonstrators need a clue on the definition of “illegal.” Illegal immigrants deserve _nothing_ beyond human rights. No tuition equality. No driver's license. No child care. No financial assistance. Nothing.

As for the Minutemen, it's a good start but the illegal immigrants are just following the money. The Minuteman Project should follow the money as well. Publicize the corporations and executive decision makers that allow illegal immigration to exist.

Illegal immigrants aren't making the laws. Follow illegal immigrants to the money and you'll find some people that deserve to hang from a tree. Those targets aren't brown or poor. Those targets are the ones that have to change.

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