Don't cry. There are a lot of brain-damaged women left in Florida.

Congress tried to run the judicial branch. The judicial branch told Congress to shove it up their collective ass. The religious right demonstrated exactly how completely insane they really are. Most Americans did their job and just didn't give a damn. Bush, no doubt, was hours away from issuing an executive order to liberate Terri Schiavo.

All this nonsense, along with Michael Jackson and the dude that killed his pregnant sister are weapons of mass distraction on the two year anniversary of Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL.)

The Schiavo debacle was contrived bullshit from the beginning. What was stopping Michael Schiavo from simply divorcing his wife and letting her be somebody else's problem? Why did Congress and the president so eagerly want to keep her alive after slashing $11 billion from Medicaid? Why was starvation considered a valid option when there are significantly more humane ways to die?

Terri Schiavo's problems are over. What else is there to say?

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