The former president of Iran, Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, spoke of possible nuclear war during a weekly prayer session at a Tehran mosque on Friday.

Rafsanjani speculated that because Israel is too small to defend itself, Western powers have given that country nuclear capability. He urged listeners to support the concept of what is essentially the Islamic bomb.

Needless to say, nuclear rhetoric is uncalled for. As if there aren’t enough people dying from run-of-the-mill conventional weapons, Iranian officials have sped up the drumbeat for a nuclear arms race in the region.

If countries like Iran are using these officials to slowly spread the word that the Islamic theocracy has nuclear capability, then they had better use it quickly and prepare to defend themselves from the consequences of waging nuclear war. If Iran does not agree with Rafsanjani’s inflammatory rhetoric, they should stick a muzzle on him to stay clear of the U.S. anti-terrorism warpath.

There’s no sense in letting his mouth write a check that his country can’t cash.

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