The propaganda resulting from Argentinian unrest is deplorable. The Argentine people have decided that they do not want the International Monetary Fund dictating unattainable terms on foreign direct investment. The IMF motives in the case of a Argentina are as transparent as they were numerous other debacles ranging from Brazil to Mozambique.

Report after report says that the Argentinian people are “Fed up” with government attempts to end their economic crisis. The rancid masses don’t have the good sense to let the IMF rape the country, seize all physical assets and plunged the country into further economic disparity through massive layoffs in the name of market efficiency and global exports. The key objective of suppressing the riots is to “Protect the creditors.”

Protecting debtors is foolish nonsense. Debtors deserve to lose their shirts on their backs and watch their babies die.

The IMF is a collection of bandits that blindside countries, whose people are under the mistaken impression that they live within sovereign borders, by appealing to the ignorance and greed and vanity of political leadership.

Money is paper, capital is physical and bayonets are steel. The International Monetary Fund does not care about the money that they give to countries. Money, as currency, is only as meaningful as what backs it. To the IMF, the terms of economic aid are far more important. These terms are precisely where profit is made for IMF investors.

The IMF wants Argentina, like Russia and Brazil and everywhere else that has been soiled by this group, to default on their loans. If and when they default, the investors of economic development own everything from factories to farms to government buildings themselves. The people of Argentina will probably not even own their roads after everything is said and done. Argentinian democracy is an exercise in futility. Argentinian sovereignty will be a sick joke if the people lose their current battle.

Nobody is against economic aid in the abstract. In practice, it doesn’t work. Forcing neoliberalism on a country without a history of efficiency or exporting is as bad as forcing democracy in countries with little education and a history of authoritarian regimes.

While economies of the West are centered around individual material acquisition, most governments try to create an economy that will make sure everyone has food, shelter and a job regardless of how the economy appears to Wall Street.

Economic aid should take the form of irrigation and education projects that will raise the collective standard of living and quality of life of developing nations. International Monetary Fund policies are damaging to to any country with people struggling to simply survive.

The Argentine political leadership deserves to be thrown out of power. The next group that comes to power should default on their IMF loans, nationalize industry, expel foreign bankers and rebuild Argentina for the Argentinians.

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