In congressional testimony, as he is prone to do in everyday speech, Attorney General John Ashcroft made some highly inflammatory remarks in response to criticism about his tactics on pursuing suspects of terrorism.

Of the nearly 1000 people detained, only one has revealed the possibility of being connected to terrorism. This particular suspect wanted to learn how to fly but was not interested in learning how to takeoff or land. According to reports, this suspect has gone silent and refuses to cooperate with law-enforcement.

This is the kind of guy that deserves to be held indefinitely. For everybody else held for last three months, it is time for the Justice Department to let them go. If there are persons that are being held on immigration violations, they should be given notice to appear in court and be sent home. If there are persons who have done nothing beyond being guilty of having a critical view of the U.S. government while wearing brown skin, they should be set free.

After the September 11th attack, Ashcroft wanted to shut down all immigration from the Middle East and South Asia. It was an act of blatant racism in light of people like Timothy McVeigh, John Walker and all of the white people from the Caucus and Balkans that hate the U.S. but who would second guess him? Now it is clear that Ashcroft does not like that onionskin obstacle called the United States Constitution. The evidence is in his testimony.

After deciding he could not deal with Congress wanting to help Bush share the blame in case something goes wrong, Ashcroft declared that all critics of his tactics against terrorism are people who will aid terrorists. Apparently, the “You’re with us or against us” policy applies to everyone. It’s only a matter of time before we get universal application of the military tribunal policy.

There are members of Congress and the American public that can see right through the hypocrisy of the law Bush administration’s vocal stance of wanting to preserve American freedom and the quiet actions that the administration takes to castrate the legislative and judicial branches of government.

People do not believe what politicians say, they believe what politicians do. John Ashcroft is leading the charge to quash dissent and concentrate power into the executive branch. Like Pontus Pilate, Ashcroft will change the rules according to whatever is necessary to create an authoritarian regime and restore order and create a Christian America.

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