Evil doers showed up at a protest in Iraq so US Forces shot into a crowd of unarmed civilians because evil doers will not escape US Justice. Two days later, some more evil doers showed up. To remedy the matter, US Forces shot into a crowd of unarmed civilians.

If the US has scored any points in the game of, “Winning Hearts & Minds”, we’re unaware of it. An educated estimate brings us to a 6 figure value of 000,000. We’re open to adding 9 more zeros to the score.

The US occupying force in Iraq needs to make a choice:

1. No freedom for Iraqis whatsoever until the country settles down.

2. Freedom on the condition of restricted protest areas and weapons checkpoints.

Going with option two shouldn’t be a problem. The Keystone cops of the Metro D.C. Police Department are capable of at least as much. The military should be flawless in securing crowds.

US Forces won the war. US Forces allegedly control the country. Why can’t US Forces stop a bunch of thugs from getting into an otherwise peaceful protest?

Probably because US Forces didn’t win the war. Not yet, anyway. You can’t win something that isn’t over and riding on staged statue toppling events (read: lies) can take you only so far.

Americans no longer care about what is happening in Iraq. Americans may have never cared. As long as body bags with Americans aren’t arriving on our shores, who gives a damn about some hypersensitive raghead who can’t take an occupation with a smile?

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