In the desolate wasteland north of the desolate wasteland called “South” Dakota, “North” Dakota police thought it was a good idea to cite a 7 year old for theft and launch him through the bureaucratic nightmare of juvenile justice.

The kid stole $6 from his mom. His mom called the cops.

North Dakota must be a really nice place to live. So few problems that you can waste tax dollars and police manpower on an internal family issue.

The mental stability of the mother needs to be seriously examined. At 7, you don’t call the police on your child. At 7, the cops should have cited the mother for wasting their time.

It didn’t work out that way.

If Cyberista were in charge of this kid, we’d take care of the $6 theft with a good word about ethics and morals. Then, we’d beat his ass to make the message stick.

Over and done with.

This parent, however, spared the rod. These cops need to transfer to the Mexican border or any Caribbean port because they are clearly in need of chasing actual bad guys.

May a big rock fall on North Dakota.

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