Dubya is a man who has signed quite a few execution orders as governor of Texas.

Not a big deal, killing off poverty stricken blacks and Hispanics in Texas is commonplace. It’s how they keep law and order.

At the federal level, execution isn’t common at all. Nobody has died from federal execution since 1963. With the infamous appearance of excitement while answering death penalty related questions as a candidate in 2000, Bush can’t afford to look like he prefers signing execution orders over signing legislation.

The entire nation has given at least a few seconds to the thought that McVeigh would complete his punishment by death next week for his role in the 1995 Oklahoma bombing.

The people directly affected have thought about it quite a bit.

To prove his guilt, the prosecution relied on over a billion documents and countless witnesses. McVeigh has admitted his guilt many times. He seems happy to do so. But, now his execution is delayed until June 11th.

The FBI allegedly decided not to give 3000 documents to the judge, jury or the lawyers. In a case of one billion documents, it’s hard to see this development benefiting anybody except George W. Bush.

While many believe that more than one man was involved, these documents won’t shed any light on that theory.

Bush is doing this to “be fair” and essentially show how utterly fantastic our criminal justice system is. The truth is that since Bush cannot make McVeigh beg for mercy on a death penalty date requested by McVeigh himself, Bush had to completely manufacture this current demonstration of the theoretical checks and balances in order to make himself look like Pontius Pilate.

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