Dubya is feeling pretty good today because the US Congress passed his $1 trillion “tax cut.”

After bouncing around Congress for months, the original $1.6 trillion “package” kept most of its original form with a $1.35 trillion final version.

The tax cut is a sickening issue with everyone from Bill Maher to Rush Limbaugh practically drooling on themselves when the magic words are said within earshot. The media isn’t too upset about it either. MSNBC hailed it as Bush’s “biggest victory yet.”

As if 5 months in office warrants the “-est” superlative suffix or the “yet” qualifier.

To put things in perspective, Bush took office on January 20th and Cyberista ran its first article on February 8th. Hiding from international crises, exacerbating domestic crises, flaunting cronyism and dismantling anything that gets in the way of Big Energy is certainly a series of victories.

Victory for affluent, “C” quality business majors. Victory for mom and dad. Victory for the GOP–Gas, oil and plutonium.

The tax cut has only two possibilities:1) it will never be realized or 2) it will be realized by only a few. If you find yourself paying the alternative minimum tax next year and for the following 5 years after, then the numbers have lied to you and taxpayers will shovel out an equal or greater amount. If it is realized for only a few, programs that benefit all people have just been sacrificed for some people.

The lowest tax bracket goes to 10%. All other brackets drop 3%. These drops are phased in over 6 years. Inflation grows at 4% annually. You can forget about any perceived favor that Dubya and the GOP claim to have given to “all Americans.”

It doesn’t exist.

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